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Cairo, Egypt
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From the souks of Cairo to St. Catherine’s Monastery, the UNESCO Signature Tour offers an in-depth exploration into Egypt’s secrets that so many fail to experience in their rush to tick off the “big-ticket” items. Undoubtedly, we get to enjoy the must-visit locations such as the Pyramids of Giza, Valley of the Kings, and the Egyptian Museum, but we also take the time to uncover the mysteries of so many lesser-explored wonders that are at least, if not more, jaw-droppingly impressive.

Discover the Pyramids of Dashour and those of Sakkara. There’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to step inside the walls of a gigantic pyramid, traverse the desert sands by camel, and dine al-fresco beneath a canopy of a million stars in the very same manner of Egyptian travelers thousands of years in our past.

Luxor beckons, a city so ancient you can sense the passing of the millennia in the grounds on which you walk and within the walls of temples whose names need no introduction—that of Hatshepsut, Karnak, and Luxor, the latter two of which are linked by the nearly 3km (1.8 miles) long Avenue of the Sphinxes.

The city of Aswan never disappoints, with it’s incredible High Dam fiercely guarding the brooding waters of Lake Nasser and the extraordinary feat of man that saw some of the country’s most important temples and building safely located to higher ground. Here we board our stunningly luxury Nile boat for a wonderful four-night cruise of discovery, including that of Wadi El Seboua, Amada, and Kasr Ibrim.

Of course, we include the wonders of Alexandria and the surrounding region, before ending our trip back in Cairo to explore the Islamic quarter, historic sites such as the Great Citadel, and have more than enough time to test your bartering skills and pick up unique souvenirs in the frenetic atmosphere of the Khan El Khalili souks…

On this comprehensive journey, discover all 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites across Egypt, including the site that actually gave rise to the UNESCO World Heritage List. Designed to take you through the timeless sites & monuments in chronological order, this journey is sure to leave any avid adventurer in awe.

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  • Egypt Deluxe offer far more than simply a visit to Egypt and its world famous sites: we bring a truly immersive experience. This is in part down to the carefully crafted itinerary combining classic adventure with time to relax and absorb. But in addition, it’s thanks to the truly unique qualities of our hand-selected guides. Not for us a person who only pays lip service to the wonders that unveil themselves… Our guides are locals who live and breathe the love of their country, and pride themselves in showing you—their esteemed guests—exactly why they think their homeland is the premier location for exploration on the whole planet.
  • Experience the beauty and wonder of Fayoum City, overnighting in the serenity of traditional Tunis Village.
  • Explore the country’s most iconic structure—that of the pyramid. We get up close and personal not only with the legends of Giza, but those of Dahshour, Sakkara, and Memphis, tombs that are, for many, even more impressive than the ones that stand so close to the Egyptian capital city.
  • Relax in opulent luxury aboard a four-night River Nile cruise, visiting sites such as the UNESCO wonders of Aswan, the mighty power structure of the High Dam, the two temples of Wadi El Seboua, Temple of Amada, and the preserved battle scenes displayed at the impressive Derr Temple.
  • Discover the many delights of Alexandria, including the largest memorial column in the country, Pompy’s Pillar, and the important Greco Roman burial site, the Catacombs Kom El Shuqafa.
  • Experience the wonder that is St. Catherine’s Monastery, situated on the holy site of Mount Sinai and standing over 5,000 feet above sea level.
  • Throughout your trip you dine in luxury and sleep in hotels specifically chosen for their stunning locations and offering the ultimate in facilities and amenities.


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DAY 1 - Cairo / Fayoum | Arrival Cairo transfer to Fayoum
DAY 1 - Cairo / Fayoum | Arrival Cairo transfer to Fayoum

Arrive in Cairo and get ready for a short drive to Fayoum city. Unwind and Enjoy a mouth-watering lunch in the serene Tunis village. Spend the following night in Zelal El Nakheel hotel.

Palm Shadow Corner Hotel
Meals: Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner.

DAY 2 - Fayoum / Cairo

This morning, visiting Fayoum, a unique testament to evolution and shifting land formations. Later this evening, drive back to Cairo and spend the following two nights in Steigenberger Pyramids Hotel.

Le Meridien Pyramids Hotel
Meals: Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner.

DAY 3 - Cairo | Dahshur - Memphis - Sakkara

Take a day trip to explore the pyramids of Dahshour, the site of ancient Memphis, and home to a nearly 40-foot statue of King Ramses II, followed by a tour of the pyramid of Sakkara.

Steigenberger Pyramids Hotel
Meals: Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner.

DAY 4 - Cairo | Pyramids Area

This morning, explore the Solar Boat Museum, and visit the Great Pyramids, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Take a trip inside the interior of biggest Pyramid “Khufu”. Following lunch, explore the surrounding desert by camel, and experience dinner under the stars by the Giza Pyramid Complex.

Steigenberger Pyramids Hotel
Meals: Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner.

DAY 5 - Cairo / Luxor | Karnak and Luxor Temples

Take a short flight to Luxor, the world’s largest open-air museum, and start your day by visiting the majestic Karnak and Luxor Temples. Walk across the marvelous Avenue of Sphinxes. Enjoy your stay in Achti Hotel for the following two nights.

Achti Resort
Meals: Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner.

DAY 6 - Luxor | Colossie of Memnon - Valley of the Kings - Hatshepsut Temple

Start your day by visiting the West Bank and the burial grounds of the Pharaohs including the Valley of the Kings, Valley of the Queens, the mortuary temple of Hatshepsut and the Colossi of Memnon. Followed by a visit to Queen Hatshepsut’s temple.

Achti Resort
Meals: Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner.

DAY 7 - Luxor / Aswan | Philae Temple

Take a short drive to Aswan and head to Philae Temple. Afterwards, board the amazing Prince Abbas Nile Cruise. Spend four peaceful nights on board.

Prince Abbas Cruise
Meals: Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner.

DAY 8 - Aswan / Wadi El Sebou | Kalabsha Temple

Before arriving at Aswan, stop by in Kalabsha Gate, around 50 kilometers from Aswan and visit the temple of Kalabsha. The temple was dedicated to the God Mandulis, the Nubian version of Horus, and to Isis, and was started by Augustus in 23 CE over the ruins of a 26th Dynasty temple, structurally complete but decorations unfinished. The temple was originally located in the Kalabsha village, 40 km south, and was moved in 1961-1962 to its location 1 Km south of the Aswan High Dam by German archeologists. It is the largest free standing Nubian temple. Later this afternoon, sail to Wadi El Seboua.

Prince Abbas Cruise
Meals: Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner.

DAY 9 - Wadi El Seboua / Amada | Wadi El Seboua - Amada

Spend the day exploring the Wadi El Seboua Temples. Two of fascinating New Kingdom Egyptian temples, which are the Speos temple built by Ramesses II, usually referred to as the Temple of Wadi al-Seboua but originally known as the "House-of-Amun“; and the temple of Amenhotep III, which was regrettably left to be buried beneath the waters of Lake Nasser. Later this afternoon, sail to Amada. Visit the temple of Amada which was built under the XIII Dynasty, famous for its polychrome reliefs. Then visit Derr temple where battle scenes can still be seen there. The Tomb of Pennout boasts decorations, as well as texts recounting the life of this official of the pharaohs.

Prince Abbas Cruise
Meals: Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner.

DAY 10 - Aswan / Kasr Ibrim | Kasr Ibrim / Abu Simbel Temple

Sail to Kasr Ibrim which stood on the highest of three headlands on the east bank of the Nile some 70m above the river. Today, it is usually an island, though at times the lake as revealed a land bridge joining the island to the shore.Visit Abu Simbel Temple.

Prince Abbas Cruise
Meals: Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner.

DAY 11 - Abu Simbel / Cairo | Egyptian Museum

Disembark Prince Abbas for a morning flight back to Cairo. Upon arrival, head to the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities, home to the largest collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts, including treasures from Tutankhamun and items dating to 4000 BC. Spend your night at Steigenberger Pyramids Hotel overlooking the Giza Pyramids.

Steigenberger Pyramids Hotel
Meals: Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner.

DAY 12 - Cairo / Alexandria | St Mina Monastery

Drive to Alexandria, visit St. Mina’s monastery, located in the small village town of Abu Mina. St. Mena is believed to have fallen as a Martyr in the early 4th century. When the roman empire was prosecuting Christians. Spend the following night in Steigenberger Cecil Hotel.

Steigenberger Cecil Hotel
Meals: Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner.

DAY 13 - Alexandria / Cairo | Pompy's Pillar - Greco Catacombs

In the early morning, head to Pompy’s Pillar, the biggest memorial column in Egypt with a total height of about 28m. It was erected by the Roman ruler of Egypt between 284-305 A.D. in honor of the Roman Emperor Diocletian. Situated just to the west of Pompey's Pillar, the Catacombs of Greco Roman are the largest and most important burial site in Egypt. They date back to the Greco Roman era and are considered the most important Greco Roman necropolis in Egypt. Afterwards, take a drive back to Cairo and spend your night at Le Meridien Hotel.

Le Meridien Pyramids Hotel
Meals: Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner.

DAY 14 - Cairo / Sharm El Sheikh

Drive to Sharm El Sheikh and spend the following two nights at the Movenpick Resort Sharm El Sheikh Neama Bay Hotel.

Movenpick Resort Sharm El Sheikh Neama Bay
Meals: Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner.

DAY 15 - Sharm | St Catherine | St Catherine Monastery

Drive to St. Catherine to see St Catherine Monastery, see the majestic, well-preserved St. Catherine Monastery, the Greek orthodox monastery situated on Mount Sinai more than 5,000 feet above sea level in a narrow valley north of Mount Musa. Monks have lived there without interruption since the Byzantine emperor Justinian built the monastery in the 6th century.

Movenpick Resort Sharm El Sheikh Neama Bay
Meals: Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner.

DAY 16 - Sharm El Sheikh / Cairo | Cairo

Return back to Cairo and transfer to Steigenberger Pyramids and stay there for the next two nights.

Steigenberger Pyramids Hotel
Meals: Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner.

DAY 17 - Cairo | Citadel - Sultan Hassan Mosque - El Refai Mosque - Khan El Khalili

Spend the day discovering Historic Cairo sites including the great Citadel as well as splendid historic mosques in Islamic Cairo. Then head to Khan El Khalili Bazaar, where tightly packed stalls display everything from spices and leather goods to jewelry and birds.

Steigenberger Pyramids Hotel
Meals: Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner.

DAY 18 - Cairo / Final Departure | Cairo

Breakfast at the hotel.
Discover Cairo at your leisure and prepare for your final departure.

Meals: Breakfast.


  • 7 nights at Steigenberger Pyramids Hotel based on Pyramids View Room.
  • 1 night at Zelal el Nakheel.
  • 2 nights at Steigenberger Ex Achti Hotel.
  • 4 nights at Prince Abbas.
  • 2 nights at Movenpick Resort Sharm El Sheikh Neama Bay Hotel.
  • 1 night at Steigenberger Cecil Alexandria based on Sea Side View Room.
  • All tours as listed in the itinerary.
  • All transfers as listed in the itinerary.
  • All meals as listed in the itinerary.


Multi day

Tour's Location

Cairo, Egypt
from $5,200.00



    Bringing glamorous ancient history to your doorstep

    Amidst the Great Pyramids of Giza, historical landmarks and the Sphinx Airport, nestles the newly launched STEIGENBERGER Pyramids Cairo hotel with its luxury hotel rooms.  Explore the exceptional journey through history where Egyptian heritage meets luxurious European hospitality. The hotel is located just across the New Egyptian Grand Museum and is only 25km away from downtown Cairo. It is the idyllic hideaway for sightseeing and relaxation.

  • Palm Shadow Corner Hotel

    Welcome to “Fayoum’s Palm Shadow” – A peaceful, calm and green spot, less than 100 km away from Cairo, offering housing, meeting and parking facilities, a professional catering service, a splendind 4000 square meters’ garden and much more! “Fayoum’s Palm Shadow” is located in a typical village of “Fayoum”, one of Churchill’s preferred places in Egypt. It has a unique Oasis-like view over the “Qarun” lake, surrounded by palm trees and agricultural land on one side and desert on the other side.

  • Achti Resort

    Offering the largest panoramic view of the Nile in Luxor, the Achti Luxor Resort is superbly located in a quiet and secluded eight acres of lush tropical gardens in the heart of Luxor. The newly renovated resort lies on the East bank of the Nile River, just seven miles from the airport and walking distance from the city center. It is the ideal base to explore the Nile and the surrounding countryside. Relish every moment of your day at Achti Resort Luxor Resort.

  • Prince Abbas Cruise

    The Mövenpick MS Prince Abbas offers a great chance to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Lake Nasser. Discover magnificent temples and tombs of the ancient world on your cruise down ancient Egyptian history. 65 cabins, incorporating junior suites and Royal suites are furnished to make your stay comfortable. Work out in the gym or just take in the view from your room or outside areas.

  • Steigenberger Cecil Hotel

    Since its opening in 1929, Steigenberger Cecil Hotel in Alexandria has been known for its superb location right on the harbor. It is just a short walk to many of the city’s famous sights such as the Biblioteca Alexandrina, the Alexandria National Museum, and the Amphitheater.

  • Movenpick Resort Sharm El Sheikh Neama Bay

    Surrounded by five private beaches with warm turquoise water and colorful fishes, Mövenpick Resort Sharm El Sheikh’s position allows guests to enjoy a breathtaking view of the Red Sea from all its 302 rooms and villas, designed in the magnificent Arabian style.

    The resort provides a variety of sports facilities including four tennis courts, billiard table, table tennis, diving center, excursion center, horseback riding and heated swimming pool.  

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