About Us

Egypt Deluxe is a retail and leisure brand of Menatours

Founded in 1956 by Egyptian shipping magnate and entrepreneur Mohamed Leheta, Menatours is the 49th registered tour operator in Egypt, and has since commanded a leading role in the tourism industry in Egypt.

A Legacy Six Decades in the Making, the journey from a single office to an extensive national footprint covering all of Egypt through 14 offices has been a challenging and legacy building experience; one of the benefits of working with us at Menatours is that our teams are strategically located across Egypt, which means we always have someone from our team handling your travelers, and have full control over the quality of service being provided.

Today our leadership team, headed by Dr. Farouk Nasser, continues to expand on this legacy, focusing on maintaining and growing our position as a leading destination management company in Egypt.

As an Incoming Agency, our services include everything from customized luxury private travel, to weekly high-volume chartered trips. Our on-the-ground agents are supported by Menatours offices with over 100 employees, allowing us to handle all of your travel needs in-house and leave nothing to chance.

Thanks to the expertise and dedication of the team along with the understanding of the complexities of the travel and tourism trades, our operations have rapidly expanded in Egypt.

Through our business associates network and worldwide affiliations, Menatours is a business partner, a community resource more than a travel agency.

With Menatours, possibilities are unlimited; you need only to unfold your travel wish list, unleash your dream and let us pamper you with the most extravagant experiences as you deserve the very best.

For those looking for the ultimate in luxury, our customer support executives are always thrilled to shoulder all your travel concerns, providing you with the most competitive quotations whilst maintaining the highest quality standards.

Our Mission

Menatours aims to provide our customers with quality service, promptly and exclusively. We strongly believe in presenting Egypt and other destinations worldwide in a unique way. If you are ready to look at a distinctively different kind of Travel Company, we invite you to explore all what Menatours can offer. We are confident you will appreciate the higher level of service, expertise and solutions we provide.

Our Objectives

Optimizing guest satisfaction is our goal. Whether you are travelling internationally or locally, Menatours aims to offer meaningful guidance and advice for an exceptional experience – not just a confirmation of a booking and an invoice.

At Menatours we strive to provide our customers with the very best service. Reservation of any kind is merely the starting point for a wider range of services.

Menatours is a travel gateway to the most lavish, hassle-free journeys. As a ground handling and destination management services, the following is just a glimpse of service opportunities but not limited to:

  • Itinerary Planning and tailor made holidays.
  • Classical packages and Nile cruises.
  • Business Travel Services.
  • Inbound & Outbound Tourism.
  • Events management, Conference and Incentive Management.
  • Leisure travel.
  • Special interest groups Golf, Diving, Fishing, Wind Surfing… etc.
  • Health Care packages (Anti stress, Slimming & Shaping, Neck, Back & Muscles pain, well- being, Upper & Lower Respiratory problems, Climatotherapy; Carlo Vy Vary Treatment at Menaville Spa
  • Desert safari programs and trips.
  • Airline, Hotel booking and Travel insurance booking.
  • Visa application facilities
  • Local sightseeing tours.
  • Car rental services.
  • Pilgrimage packages (Haj & Umrah)
  • Cargo Services.