Desert Expeditions and Safaris

Travel far from the busy world we live in to the unspoiled natural beauty of the desert for an unforgettable luxury safari experience.

Features & Highlights

Explore the Majesty of the Sahara

WP’s safari guides are handpicked for their expertise in the culture, flora and wildlife of Egypt. In this collection, expect to see our award-winning Star-Gazing Evenings, with departures and campsites strategically timed and located to give you breathtaking views of the galaxies above.

Only the Finest Safari Camps and Lodges

From the Siwa Oasis to El Fayoum by Lake Qarun, our guests enjoy unexpected havens of five-star comfort in the heart of Egypt. And each authentic, veranda-fronted tent or amenity-laden lodge is expertly positioned away from crowds and near an abundance of wildlife and scenic views.

More than 50 Years of On-the-Ground Experience

From our start in Cairo in 1956, we pioneered the modern luxury safari in Egypt. Today, Egypt Deluxe is still setting the standard for an Egyptian journey like no other, delivering authentic, inspiring experiences, as we live and work in the same places you visit.