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Defining luxury travel since 1956

Setting the standard for private luxury travel in Egypt, EgyptDeluxe Luxury Private Journeys deliver the best in comfort and service in one of the world’s greatest destinations.
While they allow you to explore Egypt in a variety of different ways, EgyptDeluxe Private Journeys all offer the same great benefits: unparalleled insider-access experiences, courtesy of our longstanding relationships; and the support of our network of 20 offices in Egypt, and the guidance of EgyptDeluxe’s Resident Tour Leaders, who bring your destination to life with one-of-a-kind local insight.
With itineraries ranging from luxury journeys to family adventures to intrepid diving expeditions, EgyptDeluxe Private Journeys offer something for everyone.
Our unmatched service, local knowledge and painstaking attention to detail are an award-winning combination that has earned us praise from both travelers and travel professionals.

Features & Highlights

Itineraries You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Every journey we offer has been designed by on-the-ground experts who know each destination intimately. Our ideal small group size and unrivaled insider access allow them to create itineraries that feature iconic destinations experienced at the perfect pace. You enjoy the benefits, including extra time on safari, longer stops in places you most want to see and even multiple stops, such as viewing the Great Pyramids of Giza at both sunrise and sunset.

An Expert at Your Side: The WP Resident Tour Leader

Your WP Resident Tour Leader brings your itinerary to life through decades of firsthand experience in your destination, sharing insights into the culture that can only come from someone who is, in fact, a local. Overseeing your entire journey and accompanying you every day, he or she reveals the real spirit of a place, connecting you to the people, places and wildlife you encounter in a way you’ll never forget.

Intimate Groups of Just 18 Guests

Our Luxury Small Group Journeys are limited to just 18 like-minded guests — seasoned travelers who bring their own unique perspectives to your journey — allowing us to reserve hotels that can’t accommodate the typically larger (40-plus) groups that travel with other companies. This also opens up a world of exclusive insider-access opportunities, while affording you more time to interact with your Resident Tour Leader.

Stay in the Best Hotel, Every Time

Your accommodations are an important way of experiencing the character of your destination, and with our longstanding local connections, we secure for you the best room at the best hotel at every stop on your journey. Wherever you stay on an WP Luxury Small Group Journey, rest assured that each accommodation we choose meets our rigorous standards of luxury, service and convenience.

Exclusive Moments Designed Just for You

Experience locally inspired moments including the opportunity to explore a charming neighborhood by horse-drawn carriage or rickshaw when you Ride Like a Local. End one day with a refreshing cocktail — our Scenic Sundowner — which we set in an unforgettable location against a breathtaking sunset.

A Unique & Varied Dining Experience

We provide you with a perfect mix of planned group meals and mealtimes left unscheduled. You’ll also experience favorite local restaurants, join in our Chef’s Table — where you may participate in a culinary demonstration and feast on a beautiful menu.

Your Luggage Is in Our Hands

With WP’s exclusive VIP Concierge service, simply leave your packed bags behind in your room as you walk out the door; find them waiting inside your room at your next accommodation.

Breakfast in Bed

Sometimes it’s just nice to relax in the morning, so twice during your Luxury Small Group Journey you can opt for continental breakfast, served to you in the comfort of your hotel room.

Private Transfers & Gratuities Included

Private arrival and departure transfers are always included with your WP journey, regardless of when you choose to arrive or depart. Likewise, all of your gratuities are included, except one for your Resident Tour Leader, which is at your sole discretion.

Departure Dates & Prices are Always Guaranteed

Book your journey with confidence knowing we won’t cancel. Every WP Luxury Small Group Journey is guaranteed to depart with a minimum of just two guests. And if the price you pay for your journey drops after you book, we’ll refund the difference.

Insider Access and an Unmatched Local Presence

When you travel with Egypt Deluxe, you enjoy unrivaled insider access to the authentic heart and soul of Egypt — and to people and sites that lie far beyond the reach of the average traveler. Our longstanding relationships make it all possible, from the seamless flow of an WP itinerary to the prompt attention paid to an unanticipated request. This trustworthy, on-the-ground presence also allows us to manage your safety and security, which are always our first priorities.

Complimentary Laundry

A good traveler always packs light and we make it easier for you with our complementary valet service. Offered only by WP, this exclusive amenity provides complimentary laundry service at the midpoint of your journey.

Complimentary Connectivity

Getting away from it all doesn’t have to mean leaving everything behind. Enjoy complimentary Internet access during hotel stays on Luxury Small Group Journeys.* Don’t wait for your trip to end to share photos and stories with the folks back home.

EgyptDeluxe Collection

Living History Journeys

Experience over 7,000 years of history and heritage standing tall through time. Walk through the dominant pyramids of Giza, or cruise along the river Nile and explore the city of Luxor, the world’s largest open-air museum, and home to several UNESCO world heritage sites. Accompanied by your Resident Tour Leader and Specialized English speaking guides, EgyptDeluxe’s Living History Journeys promise an enchanting experience for all ages.

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Luxury Family Adventures

Luxury Family Journeys provide the fun and convenience that travelling families need, with departures timed with school breaks and itineraries packed with opportunities to interact with your destination through local encounters and delightful activities.

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Sea and Sand Journeys

Divers and beach loungers alike marvel at the natural beauty of Egypt’s beaches and rich underwater kingdoms – comparable only to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Boasting two contrasting coasts on the Mediterranean and the Red Seas, and over 300 days of sunshine every year, Egypt’s beaches have something for everyone.

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Desert Expeditions and Safaris

Travel far from the busy world we live in to the unspoiled natural beauty of the desert for an unforgettable luxury safari experience.

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Incentive Groups and Special Events

Incentive groups specially designed for managers or owners of a thriving business, it is a well thought out incentive scheme for employees or clients. Not only does such a rewards program attract a higher caliber of job candidates and clients to the place of work, it can also help to push the existing employees and the sales in a more productive direction. EgyptDeluxe will help you put together a world-class incentive for your business.

Special events, EgyptDeluxe is committed to high-quality events that display our community’s vibrancy and diversity. Event organizers and attendees can find the latest updates for Special Events, we understand what it is you need to achieve; so we arrange for it. Our team is knowledgeable, experience and absolutely dedicate to helping your business succeed.

We practice what we preach, making sure our team is fully engaged and recognized for their their valuable contributions and hold regular team building events.

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Honeymoon Packages

Live and sail the waters of the Red Sea, visiting some of the most idyllic paradise locations on the planet.

Snorkel or dive some of the best coral reefs known to man. Revel in the colorful displays from fish and marine life of all sizes, and delight in spotting some of the region’s most sought after mammals—the playful and gregarious dolphins.

From arrival to departure, every detail is anticipated and every effort made to ensure a seamless, unforgettable travel experience.

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Tour of Combined Cities

Tours of Combined Cities offers a once-in-a-lifetime journey around the most touristic locations in this fascinating countries. Each country brings its own wonders, and we showcase a combination of legendary sites with some lesser-known delights to ensure a true cultural immersion into the individuality of each.

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