Tour of Combined Cities

Tours of Combined Cities offers a once-in-a-lifetime journey around the most touristic locations in this fascinating countries. Each country brings its own wonders, and we showcase a combination of legendary sites with some lesser-known delights to ensure a true cultural immersion into the individuality of each.

Features & Highlights

Highlights of each City

Egypt seduces with her frenetic charms, and is guaranteed to humble as you stand in the shadows of thousands of years of history. Marvel at the ingenuity of Egyptian engineering at the ancient Pyramids of Giza, be awestruck by the opulent treasures of the Egyptian Museum, and be lost for words as Luxor’s highlights draw you into a world of tombs, temples, and priceless royal artifacts, Philae the famous UNESCO site of Aswan, sail the mighty Nile River in a Felucca, and barter with locals in traditional souks, as well as sampling traditional Egyptian cuisine to delight all palates. And that’s only the first country on our tour…!

Jordan brings us not only the global site of Petra, but incredible landscapes such as the moon-like Wadi Rum where we take to 4×4 jeeps for an afternoon adventure. The Roman City of Jerash and nearby Ajloun Castle will astound, and the chance to stand on the very place the Moses is said to be buried—Mt. Nebo—brings about a feeling of awe that even the most unbelieving amongst you can’t fail to be moved by.

Israel: a country that brings a unique dimension to our explorations. The Holy Land offers jaw-dropping moment after jaw-dropping moment—from Jerusalem to Bethlehem and onto the Dead Sea, this is a country that’ll leave you with unique memories and experiences that truly will remain with you for life.

Morocco… The iconic movie location of Casablanca delights with the UNESCO world heritage site that is the Central Market, as well as buildings that showcase incredible Islamic architecture and those that contrast with art deco splendor. We spend plenty of time soaking up the buzz of Marrakech, with a chance to experience the wonders of the not to-be-missed folklore show of Chez Ali, not to mention the unique sensory experience of Jamaa el-Fnaa Square, a 24/7 hubbub of entertainment.

We also delight in the wonderful city of Rabat, an enchanting location that lends itself to exploration on foot and the chance to stumble across delights that immerse you into the local scene far from the well-trodden tourist trails so usually featured. Throughout we lay our heads in perfectly located, luxury hotels and feast on the best cuisine on offer from both countries. We include various optional dining experiences, allowing for the comfort of local advice to be combined with your own adventurous spirit should you want to strike out on your own.