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Trios Elation – Cairo, Cruise & Hurghada

Cairo, Egypt
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10 days

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The Best of Egypt & Family Nile Cruise Adventure

Our luxury ‘Trios’ tour first ignites your senses in the frenetic, addictive city of Cairo. From the Pyramids of Giza to the ancient Mediterranean metropolis of Alexandria, the wonders of the first few days prime your senses. And when you walk the gangway to your luxury Nile cruise who can fail to recall classic tales from Agatha Christie and the dulcet tones of Hercule Poirot.

As each spectacle unfolds the country further captivates. From the famous High Dam of Aswan to the ancient city of Luxor, each phenomenon is yet more fascinating. Indulge your inner Indiana Jones at the Valley of the Kings, marvel at the architectural enormity of Luxor Temple, Karnak, and Hatshepsut, and prepare for an adrenaline-fueled balloon ride over deep desert tombs to celebrate the return of the Egyptian god, Ra, as the sun rises from slumber to bathe the Earth below.

Following all the excitement it’s time to relax at the wonderful resort city of Hurghada. Snorkel the breathtaking coral reef, bathe in the warm waters of the Red Sea, dune bash the Saharan sands in 4x4s, or simply kick back and embrace some well-earned R&R.

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  • Discovering Egypt with Egypt Deluxe isn’t simply a guided tour; for us, it’s a chance to show off the wonders of our homeland. Your trip includes an exclusive 3-day Nile cruise aboard a luxurious boat—the perfect way to experience Egypt in a time-honored manner. Be awestruck by the world-famous Pyramids, with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enter the interior of one of these most mysterious tombs.
  • Create lifelong memories with a bird’s eye view of magnificent temples as you soar skywards over Luxor on a thrilling sunrise balloon ride Explore the famous Valley of the Kings, including the unique experience of a privileged visit inside two of the most well-preserved tombs.
  • Marvel at Mother Nature’s preservation skills of the ancient Temple of Horus, a structure completed one of the most atmospheric ancient constructions on the planet. Snorkel what many consider to be the most stunning coral reef in the world. The sub-ocean life of the Red Sea has to be seen to be believed—if there was ever a place to bring an underwater camera, this is it!


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DAY 1 - Cairo | Arrival Cairo
DAY 1 - Cairo | Arrival Cairo

Arrive at Cairo International Airport where you’ll be met by your Egypt Deluxe resident tour leader. Enjoy a private, air-conditioned transfer with your group to the luxurious, conveniently located Steigenberger Pyramids Hotel. Chance to meet and bond with the other members of the group. Dinner and overnight at the hotel. Steigenberger Pyramids Meals: Dinner.

DAY 2 - Cairo | Pharoanic Village - Pyramids

Enjoy an early breakfast before boarding our transport at 08:00 am to visit the wonder that is the Pharaonic Village. Here you’ll discover unique, ever-changing exhibits that celebrate over 5,000 years of Egyptian history—a wonderful overview and introduction to this fascinating country. We lunch at the Abu Shakra Restaurant before heading to what is probably the most famous landmark in the world, the Pyramids of Giza. Forget what you’ve read, forget the pictures you’ve seen, because nothing will prepare you for the awe-inspiring emotions you’ll experience when you first set eyes on the only ancient wonder of the world that still exists today—The Great Pyramid. These marvels of ancient architectural skill are guarded over by the steely gaze of The Sphinx, and we have plenty of time to get up close and personal with these behemoth structures. Board your own ‘ship of the desert’ for a sunset camel ride before having a free evening to either relax at the hotel or perhaps explore the hustle and bustle of Cairo’s Old Town. Steigenberger Pyramids Meals: Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner.

DAY 3 - Alexandria | Africa Park - Catacomb - Qeitbay

After breakfast we start early (07:30) for a day visit to Africa Park and the port city of Alexandria. Africa Park opened in 2004 and is the only open zoo/safari park in the whole of the Middle East. This wonderful forested area offers the chance to get up close to some of Africa’s gentle indigenous fauna, and then take a boat trip along the park’s river to see some of the more ferocious in their natural habitat, such as crocodiles and hippos. Rare reptiles are also a big draw, as are Cobras, Turtles, Jarboa, and Falcons. We then drive to Alexandria for a well-earned lunch at the Fish Market Restaurant. Enjoy a tour of the city’s highlights; The catacombs of Kom El Shokafa that date back to the 2nd century, the Citadel of Qaitbay, an impressive 15th-century fortress, and the beautiful and extensive gardens of Montazah Palace. After a full day of exploration, we drive back to the hotel for some well-deserved time to unwind for the evening. Overnight in hotel. Steigenberger Pyramids Meals: Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner.

DAY 4 - Cairo / Aswan | High Dam - Unfinish Obelisk - Philae

We breakfast at the hotel before heading to the airport for the short flight to Aswan. On arrival we transfer to our luxury boat ready for the highly anticipated Nile Cruise. After a 12:00 check-in we enjoy lunch on board, before visiting the High Dam. This significant structure was completed in 1970 and not only provides a constant supply of renewable energy for the whole country but, even more importantly, ended the cycle of drought and floods that plagued the Nile region. We then take a motorboat ride to the Temple of Philae. This impressive structure, constructed to honor the goddess of Isis, stands on an island in the reservoir of the Aswan Low Dam. We then head to the enormity that is the Unfinished Obelisk. This fascinating monolithic monument lies in a bed of granite and was commissioned by Queen Hatshepsut over 3,500 years ago. Had it been finished it would’ve been around a third larger than any other previously erected obelisk. We then head back to our boat for dinner and enjoy a traditional Nubian show. Farah Nile Cruise Meals: Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner.

DAY 5 - Kom Ombo / Edfu | Kom Ombo Temple - Edfu Temple

Breakfast is served on board before we set sail for the double temple of Kom Ombo. This unusual structure is dedicated to not one, but two gods: the falcon god, Horeros, and the crocodile god, Sobek. This dual building is perfectly symmetrical, with matching rooms, courts, halls, and sanctuaries for each god. Heading towards Edfu, enjoying lunch along the way, our next sensory fix is more than satisfied by a visit to the impressive Ptolemaic Temple of Horus by horse carriage. This mighty structure was completed somewhere between 230 to 57 BC. It’s one of the largest temples in all of Egypt and, most importantly, is incredibly preserved. This is thanks to the wonders of the desert sand, which filled and covered the structure following the banning of the pagan cult that worshiped there. Today it’s possible to visit once again, thanks to excavation works that began back in the mid 19th century. We then sail through the Esna lock, heading for our last port of call for today, the ancient city of Luxor, enjoying afternoon tea as we go. After all the incredible sights already seen, you might think that this metropolis can offer no more—but think again. Not only is Luxor home to the world’s largest open-air museum, but it’s one of the most archaeologically rich places in the world. After we dock there’s time to relax before dinner on board and a fun Galabia Party. This traditional Egyptian costume includes a long dress (worn by both men and women) and a beautiful headpiece adorned with much bling! It’s a lively evening enjoyed by all. Be sure to get a few hours sleep ready for an exciting day tomorrow. Farah Nile Cruise Meals: Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner.

DAY 6 - Luxor | Valley of the Kings - Karnak Temple - Luxor Temple

After a hearty breakfast we visit the ethereal West Bank and the Valley of the Kings. Many superlatives have been used to describe these archaic tombs, but nothing can prepare you for experiencing it for yourself. Discover more about the journey of the rich and powerful as they passed from this life to the next, and, of course, you get the chance to visit the tomb of perhaps the most famous king of all, Tutankhamun. We then head to the Temple of Hatshepsut, stopping at the Colossi of Memnon along the way. These two enormous, 3,400-year-old statues will prime you for the truly outstanding sights that lie ahead, Queen Hatshepsut the first of which is the temple of one of the first female Pharaohs—Hatshepsut. This striking architectural masterpiece with its dramatic sheer cliff backdrop is a fitting tribute for the ‘queen who ruled as a king’. We head back to our boat for lunch before crossing to the East Bank to visit the wonders of Karnak and Luxor Temples. These awe-inspiring constructions are linked by the famous Avenue of Sphinxes. At 3km long you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled for the cartouche of Cleopatra, bestowed when she visited the temples with Marc Antony—or, more easily, ask your Egypt Deluxe guide to point it out for you. After such a day of culture you can relax on board our cruise boat and dine to the entertainment of a traditional Egyptian Belly Dancer. Farah Nile Cruise Meals: Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner.

DAY 7 - Luxor / Hurghada | Hot Air Balloon

We wake in the early hours for an exciting balloon trip to experience the desert sunrise. After a pre-flight snack we prepare for lift off—a flight like no other as the physics of hot air (or is it magic?) allow us to majestically glide above the earth. As the sun rises the ancient temples far below slowly reveal themselves from the inky blackness, glowing a kaleidoscope of red and orange shades. We float in perfect silence, gazing down at the wonders of Ancient Egypt beneath us—this is truly the stuff that dreams are made of. After arriving safely back, we enjoy a hearty breakfast before hitting the road. Today we transfer to the Red Sea resort city of Hurghada. Your luxury hotel provides ample opportunity to relax, and you have an evening at leisure to catch up on whatever you choose. If you have the energy there are many restaurants and bars on your doorstep to explore. Desert Rose Resort Meals: Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner.

DAY 8 - Hurghada | Dolphin show - Safari

A somewhat more leisurely start today, with breakfast in the hotel at a time of your choosing. The morning is free to enjoy the soft sandy beaches, warm seas, and other resort activities. At 12:30 we head to the world famous Dolphinarium for an incredible 2-hour show where these super-intelligent creatures delight with their antics. They’re joined in their brilliance by seals and sea lions—a true spectacle for all the family. Afterwards, we’ll hit the desert sands in 4x4 vehicles for an exciting safari trip, visit a Bedouin camp, ride camels, and discover ancient nomadic Bedouin skills such as the baking of flat bread. The afternoon is completed with an insider look at the traditional craft of carpet making, and we partake in the very Egyptian custom of taking tea. After this fulfilling day you’ve a free evening to spend at your leisure. Desert Rose Resort Hurghada Meals: Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner.

DAY 9 - Hurghada | Boat Trip - Alf Leila Wa Leila Show

It’s another early start today and we leave the hotel after breakfast at 0800 for a full day on the water. Our comfortable boat transports us to some of the best snorkeling and swimming spots in the Red Sea. Prepare to be blown away by the vivid colors of the reef, fish, and corals. All snorkeling gear and life jackets are provided. We have lunch on board and there’s ample room under cover to escape the sun when you need to. We get back to the hotel in good time to freshen up before heading to the traditional Alf Leila Wa Leila Show, a dazzling extravagance of acrobats, belly dancers, folklore and tribal horseback charge. There’s also plenty of opportunity to wander the gleaming marble areas of this ancient Arabic Palace. Desert Rose Resort Hurghada Meals: Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner.

DAY 10 - Hurghada / Cairo | Final Departure

Enjoy a final breakfast with your group before boarding a flight to Cairo. Here you can relax in the airport lounge before catching your international flight home. Desert Rose Resort Hurghada Meals: Breakfast.


  • 3 nights at Steigenberger Pyramids Hotel on HB basis
  • 3 nights on board M/S Farah Nile Cruise Upper Deck cabins on FB basis
  • 3 nights at Desert Rose Hurghada Resort on AI basis
  • All tours as listed in the itinerary
  • All transfers as listed in the itinerary
  • All meals as listed in the itinerary


Multi day

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Cairo, Egypt
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    Bringing glamorous ancient history to your doorstep

    Amidst the Great Pyramids of Giza, historical landmarks and the Sphinx Airport, nestles the newly launched STEIGENBERGER Pyramids Cairo hotel with its luxury hotel rooms.  Explore the exceptional journey through history where Egyptian heritage meets luxurious European hospitality. The hotel is located just across the New Egyptian Grand Museum and is only 25km away from downtown Cairo. It is the idyllic hideaway for sightseeing and relaxation.

  • Farah Nile Cruise

    Farah Nile cruise one of the most elite Nile cruise ships in Egypt; offers 60 deluxe cabins and 2 Royal Suites, where you can actually taste the fine flavor of our hospitality. In every detail from the handmade Egyptian cotton sheets to the natural dark wood furniture.
    All designed to tickle your senses and enhance your comfort.


    For a family friendly holiday, we extend the concept of ‘family’ to every aspect of the Desert Rose experience. Our guests receive the ultimate in individual care and attention, while our operations team and wider staff are fully supported both at work and at home. We believe that our personal touch sets us apart, and even with 856 rooms and suites, we pride ourselves on the intimate ‘B&B’ atmosphere we create in this large resort. The testimonials and personalized ‘thank yous’ from our guests to our staff along with the photos they have shared tell you all you need to know about our friendly, warm atmosphere. The beach resort in Hurghada has a 1km sandy beach, swimming pools, activities and water sports.

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