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Egypt Eco – Luxury Adventure

Cairo, Egypt
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9 days

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The Egypt Deluxe Egypt Eco-Luxury Adventure is the perfect trip in which to cleanse body and soul, combining the best of Cairo with the most unique of eco-lodge luxury. We begin with the sensory overload that is the country’s capital city, exploring the antiquities on display at the Egyptian Museum and, of course, partaking in that most Egyptian of traditions—shopping and bartering in the mysterious souks of the Khan el-Khalil Bazaar. The pyramids are, naturally, a must-see, and we explore not only the famed structures of Giza, but take the path less-trodden to discover those at Sakkara and Memphis as well.

We begin the process of winding down at the wonderful Siwa Oasis, located on the fringes of the Mediterranean Sea. Discover the soothing delight that is living in an artisan-created desert hideaway, a place to shun the stresses of everyday life and embrace nature. By day, marvel at how the individually crafted rooms and buildings blend seamlessly into the desert landscape, and by night your way is lit by a plethora of flickering candlelight and natural moonlight.

Here we swim in natural hot spas, once—so legend has it—the bathing spot of Queen Cleopatra, explore the local area, dine on locally grown organic food, and—quite simply—allow this very special area to gently wash away the stresses of everyday modern life.

The gorgeous Tunis village of Fayoum continues your journey to a full detox, with views to die for and further pampering of the psyche as we relax in the Palm Shadow Corner Hotel, an eco-lodge … This carefully curated trip is the perfect combination of adventure and relaxation—a once-in-a-lifetime experience that combines the frenetic with pure relaxation, leaving you fresh, revived, and providing a deliciously decadent experience not found in any other country in the world.

This adventure boasts equal shares of both relaxation and exhilaration. Explore the natural beauty of the Siwa Oasis, where Alexander the Great was declared “the son of Amun-Ra” by an oracle, thereafter considering himself divine. Travel to the city of Fayoum , all while staying at some of Egypt’s most exclusive eco lodges, with the option of neutralizing your carbon footprint.

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  • The Egypt Deluxe Eco-Luxury Adventure brings an authentic and unique Egyptian experience of unparalleled character and charm. And, we have to say, our true USP is the wonderful qualities of our guides—truly special people with such charm and knowledge about their homeland that they provide a second-to-none discovery into the intricacies of the country. Each is hand-selected and passionate about their home and its history, but also in ensuring that their guests enjoy what is sure to be a trip of a lifetime…
  • Be truly overawed by the wonders of frenetic Cairo, from the death masks on display in the famed Egyptian museum to standing in the shadow of The Sphinx, the legendary sites unveil themselves with each more impressive than the last, each unravelling just a little bit more of the secrets of these ancient lands.
  • Take to your very own “ship of the desert” and travel in the way of ancient Bedouins as you weave your way around the Pyramids of Giza by camel, before enjoying a never-to-be-forgotten meal as we dine, al-fresco, below a canopy of a million stars.
  • Soothe body, mind, and soul in the most incredible of eco-lodges at the Siwa Oasis. Bathe in Cleopatra’s Hot Springs, and allow the wonders of Mother Nature to work her magic in this, one of the most beautiful and relaxing corners of the planet.
  • Further relax in the wonderful Tunis village location that is Fayoum, a place to continue to cut the ties from frantic 21st century life as you luxuriate in the ultimate resort hotel and spa offering treatments and all the comforts you need to truly unwind.
  • Explore sites only the select few get to see with visits to the pyramids of Sakkara, Memphis, and that of the first giant mud brick pyramid, Lahoun, and the chance to actually enter into some of these behemoth structures.


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DAY 1 - Cairo | Egyptian Museum - Bab El Fotouh - Khan El Khalili
DAY 1 - Cairo | Egyptian Museum - Bab El Fotouh - Khan El Khalili

Arrive in Cairo and start your day by visiting the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities, home to the largest collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts, including treasures from Tutankhamun and items dating to 4000 BC. During your visit. After lunch, walk from Bab el-Fotouh to Khan el-Khalili Bazaar, where tightly packed stalls display everything from spices and leather goods to jewelry and birds. Enjoy an authentic dinner at the Naguib Mahfouz restaurant. Following your dinner, transfer to Villa Belle Epoque Hotel, your home for the following two nights..

Belle Epoque Hotel
Meals: Lunch,Dinner.

DAY 2 - Cairo | Sakkara - Memphis - Pyramids

This morning, tour the Pyramids of Sakkara and Memphis. Following this, head on to explore the Great Pyramids, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and explore the interior of biggest Pyramid “Khufu”, Following lunch, explore the surrounding desert by camel.

Belle Epoque Hotel
Meals: Breakfast,Lunch.

DAY 3 - Cairo . Siwa | Siwa

Take a leisurely drive to Siwa along the Mediterranean sea and enjoy the scenic Egyptian North Coast. Discover the beauty of the Siwa Oasis.

Taziry Eco Village
Meals: Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner.

DAY 4 - Siwa | Amun Temple - Cleopatra Bath

Spend the day exploring Siwa , start by visiting the temple of the Oracle of Amun, now more commonly known as the Temple of the Oracle because of Alexander’s visit, once he conquered Egypt. Afterwards, head to Cleopatra’s Bath, a natural hot water spring that has bubbled up from the ground for more than 4 millennia. Cleopatra’s Bath is the most favored of all the springs in the Siwa Oasis area, and legend has it that Queen Cleopatra herself chose it for her own bathing.

Taziry Eco Village
Meals: Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner.

DAY 5 - Siwa | Siwa

Enjoy a leisure day in Siwa, the timeless heaven. Glare at the nature and beauty surrounding the Oasis. Recharge and renew away from the modern world’s demands by trying out locally grown organic food.

Taziry Eco Village
Meals: Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner.

DAY 6 - Siwa / Cairo | Cairo

Return back to Cairo and enjoy a free evening at your disposal. Spend the night in Villa Belle Epoque Hotel.

Belle Epoque Hotel
Meals: Breakfast,Lunch.

DAY 7 - Cairo / Fayoum | Fayoum

Take a short drive to Fayoum. Upon arrival, visit Tunis village, the perfect stress free gateway. It is located on a hill facing a large salt water lake and overlooks a stunning view of the edge of the desert on the other side of the lake. Stay in Palm Shadow Corner Hotel, an exquisite eco-lodge for the following two nights.

Palm Shadow Corner Hotel
Meals: Breakfast,Lunch.

DAY 8 - Fayoum | Karoun Lake - Lahoun Pyramid

Begin the day by visiting the famous Karoun Lake, the third largest lake in Egypt, followed by a visit to Lahoun pyramid, one of Fayoum’s ancient sites which is considered the first of the giant mud brick pyramids. It is entered by a narrow vertical shaft at the east end of its south side.

Palm Shadow Corner Hotel
Meals: Breakfast,Lunch.

DAY 9 - Fayoum / Cairo | Final Departure

Drive back to Cairo and prepare yourself for the final departure.

Meals: Breakfast.


  • 3 nights at the boutique Belle Epoque Hotel.
  • 3 nights at the Eco Hotel Taziry.
  • 2 nights at Palm Shadow Corner Hotel.
  • All tours as listed in the itinerary.
  • All transfers as listed in the itinerary.
  • All meals as listed in the itinerary.


Multi day

Tour's Location

Cairo, Egypt
from $2,870.00


  • Belle Epoque Hotel

    In an age of mass tourism, elegant accommodations in intimate settings are rare, but not impossible to find. For over a decade, Belle Époque Travel has helped discerning travelers experience Egypt in style, providing personalized hospitality in unforgettable locations. Opened in March 2009 and the adjacent villa in November 2010, in Cairo’s most lushly landscaped quarter, the boutique hotel Villa Belle Époque is an ideal base for exploring the historic city, and a perfect departure point for touring Egypt.

  • Taziry Eco Village

    Taziry has been built at the footstep of the famous Red Mountain of Siwa, facing the magnificent White Mountain; overlooking the vast Gary Lake, and the timeless dunes of the Great Sand Sea. At Taziry, we provide a unique return to nature experience, where one can truly since this magical energy of Siwa.

  • Palm Shadow Corner Hotel

    Welcome to “Fayoum’s Palm Shadow” – A peaceful, calm and green spot, less than 100 km away from Cairo, offering housing, meeting and parking facilities, a professional catering service, a splendind 4000 square meters’ garden and much more! “Fayoum’s Palm Shadow” is located in a typical village of “Fayoum”, one of Churchill’s preferred places in Egypt. It has a unique Oasis-like view over the “Qarun” lake, surrounded by palm trees and agricultural land on one side and desert on the other side.

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